Manchester’s Asian/Oriental Food Places

I’ve moved from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Manchester originally for study, but since then I’ve found work and continued to stay here. Living in Manchester has allowed me greater access to a wide range of Asian/Oriental food compared to Belfast, not just in regard to places to eat but also places to buy ingredients which would otherwise be difficult to find.

Below is a list of places that I’d recommend going to. This list is not an exclusive list of all the places you can eat at, as that would be crazy. It does however contain places I personally like to go to. These are located around the city centre area, so useful for tourists or students.

(Last updated Oct 2014)

I’ve broken the list down to the following

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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University of Manchester Street Market

The University of Manchester recently started hosting a market on every Tuesday 10am – 3pm outside George Kenyon hall (map) and the Alan Turn Building. The range of stalls come from Levenshulme market with some stalls rotating each week.

There’s something I really like about going to a market, it just breaks up the day and it’s a good place for several friends to meet and have interesting food whilst enjoying the great british weather (jk!).

List of dates and stalls available at this link.



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Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2014

Late post but the Manchester Food and Drink Festival occurs every year in September and it is my number one event for trying new food. If you can get a large group of people, you can try several things split between all of you. Very good stuff!

Chinese Pancake (Jian Bing) making

2014-09-27 13.40.41 HDR

2014-09-27 13.40.47

2014-09-27 13.50.07

2014-09-27 14.12.30 HDR

Mid-autumn festival nails 2014

Mid Autumn Festival nails 2014

Mid Autumn Festival nails 2014

Drew inspiration from mooncake tins sold at this time of the year. Happy MidAutumnFestival, MoonFestival and Chuseok!

Annie Wong Leung Kit Wah

During the time my parents came over to visit me, we went down to London as my mother was invited to attend a special art exhibition by artist Dr Annie Wong Leung Kit Wah. She is from Hong Kong and paints using both western and eastern techniques which gives a rather interesting look that is (in my opinion) dominantly Chinese but with a modern twist.

The exhibition was for a week only inside The Gallery in Cork Street. We were invited to sign a Chinese style register book upon entering and were able to take home books of her paintings.

Annie Wong Leung Kit Wah

Annie Wong Leung Kit Wah book

Annie Wong Leung Kit Wah book

Inside the book

The exhibition displayed select pieces from her gallery, focusing on Chinese women both in fiction and history. I found this to be fascinating myself as I know very little about Chinese history and my mother was a better guide than the text written alongside each painting. Still I took a copy of the book home with me so I can read the descriptions at leisure.

To find out more and see more examples, please see Annie Wong Leung Kit Wah’s website.

Dragon scale nails

As I will be travelling back to Belfast to see the Game of Thrones exhibition, I decided to paint dragon scales on my nails in preparation for it.

Dragon scale nails


It was amazing, I got to sit on the Iron Throne

Iron Throne

Maleficent vector art

Having seen Disney’s Maleficent at the cinema’s recently, I was casually browsing through the Disney Store online to see what merchandise was created to tie in with the movie. To my surprise, I came across these three lovely vectorised pieces of art which you could buy as a limited edition lithograph.

Maleficent graphics

The 2nd and 3rd graphics you can purchase as mugs, so I decidedly ended up buying them both.

Spring nails 2014

Something simple to celebrate Spring :D

Spring nails

Easter nails 2014

Got some new pastel coloured polish, so decided to experiment

Easter nails

Ice cream nails

Organised a trip to go to the lovely Ginger’s Comfort Emporium with a group of friends, so dressed my nails for the occasion. I high recommend you visit them as they have the most unique ice cream flavours I have ever eaten. Current favourites include the absinthe flavour as well as the mint and wheatgrass.

Nails inspired bu risanail.

Ice cream nails

I ordered the French Elvis which is (as quoted from their website) french toast, grilled and filled with salted caramel & peanut butter ice cream, Skippy peanut butter, fresh banana and our raspberry sauce. 

French Elvis